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Jan Zeyer

Jan Zeyer

My name is Jan Zeyer

During my childhood my father was researching different kinds of alternative medicine. This was the first time I came in contact with hypnosis. Later during my time at the university I rediscovered my interest in hypnosis when I attended a course by Dr. Erich Zulauf. I decided to persue a diploma in hypnosis. After my graduation started helping Dr. Erich Zulauf as an assistant during his courses and I am now the youngest holder of an EZC Advanced diploma. All in all I have now done over 500 hours of advanced training.

Be it in hypnotherapy or in a coaching session I like to find solutions for people in every walk of life and with problems of different kinds. My training allowed me to find the right solution for many problems, maybe for yours too.

Career in hypnosis

Basic Training

2014-2015 Hypnosetherapeut EZC

Advanced Training

2016 Psychosomatics
2016 Eating disorders
2016 Motivation
2017 Conversational Hypnosis
2017 Hypnosetherapeut EZC Advanced


Since 2015 assistent to Dr. Erich Zulauf

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Two days after my hypnotherapy session i had a light and carefree feeling which stayed for about two days.
Regarding my selfconfidence during my presentations I can say that I felt alot more comfortable than usually.
Regarding the second “issue” we worked on I feel an inner calm which helps me to accept the things how they are.

All in all I can say that the therapy was successful and I can recommend it to everyone.

Carla T.

Jan Zeyer has always guided me helpfully and competently during my training for my hypnotherapis EZC. diploma.

I can recommend him to everyone as a expert in hypnosis and as a therapist.

Manuel Fischer